Color Psychology conducted a study on the effect of colors and forms in the environment on human thoughts, spirits and emotions. Each color and form has a specific physical and psychological effect on people, and each viewer may have different reactions to them. Therefore, the role of color and pattern of the wallpaper in interior decoration is undeniably important. If you like the invigorating and soothing features of the wallpaper use them in the interior decoration of your home. We suggest you consider the variety of wallpapers in this section. Cool colors wallpaper are soft colors that convey a feeling of calm and positive energy to people; Light blue, turquoise, purple and green and pink wallpaper will be found in this category. Neutral wallpapers such as light gray and white wallpaper can also create a cozy and calm environment. Imagine that your horizons are always facing the blue walls with eye-catching wallpaper designs. This home-view has good effects on your mood. Wallpaper with minimal designs, nature and geometric shapes of circles and curves can also be soothing. What better idea than to decorate your living room using a color that enhances happiness and peace of mind.