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There are many reasons why you should seriously consider custom rug or carpet for your home, villa, office or even hotel. Custom rugs and carpets is one of the best ways to give your home interior a unique feel and warmth. The effect that selection of a  particular rug and carpet has in an interior environment can be defining. One of the most important factors in designing home and commercial spaces like hotels is creating a happy and comfortable atmosphere for family members or hotel guests. Aside from absorbing noise and dust, rugs and carpets are popular choices for designers  due to their aesthetic appeal.  So for those of us who want to stand out of the crowd and create something truly ours, considering custom rug and carpet is an excellent option. At the end of the day, you can select your own pattern, colour and feel and look of your custom carpet and rug.
But there could be many other practical reasons why you are selecting a custom carpet or rug. Imagine you are looking for a certain shape of carpet and rug that you won’t find in  ay store. With custom carpet and rug, we can create you all kind of specific shapes such as rectangular rugs, square rugs, circle rugs, semi-circular rugs, oval rugs and polygonal rugs or any other unique shape of carpet and rug that you can imagine. Practically, no limitation to shape of your custom carpet and rug whatsoever.
One of the other reasons people choose custom rugs and carpets is size of particular carpet and rug that you are looking for. What if your are looking for a super large carpet or rug for your main majlis area ( we have produced super large  carpets and rugs which covers 500 M2 and more, all in one single piece !). So why should you compromise on size of your carpet and rug when we give you liberty of choosing your own exact size and dimension.
But one of the main reasons why you want to consider custom carpet  and rug over in store carpet and rug is  freedom to choose your own custom rug and carpet  pattern , colours and quality. So you are looking for a tropical rug with modern twist or traditional carpet and rug in rainbow colours. We can do it all. Just tell us where your imagination takes you and we will make you a  custom carpet and rug which you will fall in love with. All made with 100% Natural New Zealand Wool.

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