Interior Design is both a Science and Art, it is more than a decoration. It aims to enhance the interior of any home or commercial spaces creating a sequence of color, design and furniture style that harmoniously coordinates with each other, achieving an aesthetically pleasing environment for everyone.  
Designing your home like a professional Interior Designer isn’t as hard as you think. It is all about knowing your interior style and décor taste, and putting them into an artistic interior vision. Just learn the rule of the thumb – balance and harmony of space, color and design; and you’re good to go.
First, decide on the interior mood or tone you want to set in the room, then look for designs and furniture that would compliment that tone, and finally incorporate your personal touch in it. Viola! You will surely achieve an inspiring home interior without the expense of a professional designer.

Plan before you start

Before taking any action, do an assestment first and create an inspiration board for your home décor – this is always the first step in creating a home interior you desire. Then, carefully come up with a detailed design, motif and pattern of the perfect wallpaper and rug that would go along with your choice of furniture and interior style.

Consider the Style of the Environment

Bear in mind that your rug and wallpaper should always beautifully blend with your decoration style to create a sense of harmony with your interior. For an instance, if you prefer a classic interior motif and furtniture then the design, color, and pattern of your wallpaper and rugs shouldn’t only define your space but rather bring a balance and unity with the total interior look.
When interior decorating particularly designing with wallpaper and rugs, we are creatively working in evoking an emotion or feeling into any room interior through the choice of our wallpaper style and rug design. For those who would like to incorporate romantic ambiance into their room, an elegant floral wallpaper and rug pattern both in neutral and bright color would convey the emotion to your space. Then, if you want a rustic style, you can choose from our wide options of marble, concrete, faux, and surface wallpaper and rug patterns. But for those who are looking for a more modern and trendy interior look, consider our abstract, geometric, nature-inspired and tropical collections of wallpaper and rug.

Choosing the Right Wallpaper and Rug Color

Wallpaper and rug can anchor the room, define it and help add warmth to your home interior. The prominent color of your carpet and wallpaper will set the mood and emotional aura of your room. To make your room appear bigger with a higher ceiling, choose a wallpaper and carpet with light and cool colors such as green, blue or purple. These wallpaper and rug colors will also make your home more relaxing and comfortable.
To create an ambient light to your room that would bring an instantaneous warm, cozy atmosphere it is necessary to pay attention to the color of your wallpaper and carpet. For rooms with low light and window, it is recommended to choose light and metallic wallpaper and rug so they would reflect the maximum amount of light and would make the space brighter. Dark-colored rugs and wallpaper make the walls look closer together, hence the room smaller.

Choosing the Right Wallpaper and Rug Design

Selecting the right wallpaper and rug design to decorate your home with can be a challenge, so use these tips to make sure you choose the perfect wallpaper and rug design and color. Rugs and wallpaper with crowded designs and dark colors absorb more light, so if there is no good lighting and ventilation in the room then dark color wallpaper and rug aren’t an option for you. However if your space is relatively small and you have a low-ceiling room, simple and minimalist wallpaper and rug design is the best choice for you. Bright colored wallpaper and rugs will also make your room appear bigger by creating an illusion of even more space.