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Searching for a carpet tile store in Dubai? A store that can fulfill all your carpet tile needs? We got it here for you!
Shopping for carpet tiles in Dubai, you are just at the right place.

Nouqoush, is a store located in the heart of Old Dubai, a 15 minutes drive from Dubai Airport, 5-8mins walk from the very versatile public transportation the Dubai Metro, and you need to get down at the nearest station to us which is Oud Metha station. If you love to take public buses, you can also take a ride and get down at Karama General Post office bus stop which is just a 5-minute walk to our store. Alternately, you can also take a taxi cab and our location is very prominent, easy to find at the google map. Moreover, if you want to drive your own car, just click the link and will get you here. A public parking space is available both from the front and back side of the showroom thus you can come and visit us with convenience.



Now, that you are here I am very much excited to tell you about our carpet tiles. But before anything else, let us contemplate and be objective on our search for carpet tiles. Here are the common questions that we usually ask from our customers when they are shopping for carpet tiles. Are you ready to answer the following questions?

If you are, then here we go:
1. Are you from Dubai? Which area in Dubai?
2. Do you need this for your home? Office? Business center? Home office? Or other purpose?
3. Where you want to install the carpet tile?
4. Are you looking for in stock carpet tiles?
5. What is your budget?

Seemingly, all the questions that is mentioned above I have all the answers for you.

Let me start by giving you an information about what is a carpet tile? Basically, from the name itself, it is a carpet that comes in tile form instead of broadloom rolls. We seldom hear people call it square carpet, modular carpet, or office carpet tiles. All of these names are similar and all pertains to the same material that you are looking for, the carpet tiles.

Here at Nouqoush, our carpet tiles are in stock, when we say in stock, we keep a good quantity of inventory of our carpet tiles in our warehouse here in Dubai. We deliver it to your doorstep within 24- 48 hours upon confirmation of your order anywhere in Dubai or even in other parts of UAE.

Our carpet tiles come in two different qualities. One is the Nylon quality where you can use for heavy traffic areas and another is the Polypropylene or Olefin range that you can use for low traffic offices or for temporary use. Both qualities come either in 50cm x 50cm or 60cm x 60cm sizes, packed in individual boxes and sold per square meter quantity. Minimum ordering is one box approximately 5m2-6.68m2 quantity per box. If you are looking for a carpet tile for your own office, with more traffic footfall then go for the Nylon quality as this durable material is highly resilient and has a good textile retention or we call the “bounce-back” ability, returning to its original shape maintaining the original quality of the carpet.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a budget carpet tile, and you have a limited budget, then Olefin quality is the alternative option. Each carpet tile has a padding or backing attached to it, so you do not need to invest another material when installing it. You could even install it by yourself, either glue down, peel and stick, lock it and there you go your carpet tile is ready for use. We could also offer you our installation service, just like what we did in several carpet tile projects in Dubai like DAFZA offices, JAFZA offices, Emirates Headquarters & Training centers, Blue Water Hospitality back-off house, Dubai Silicon Office (DSO) and others. We have our in-house team of project managers and installers that can visit your site, inspect, quantify and once your space is ready for carpet tile installation we will fix it for you at a reasonable cost. Full installation method is available here. Projects completed see here. (we can add link for installation method & project references).

Another common question, post installation is how to maintain the carpet tiles? Here, we will make it simple for you. To maintain your office carpet tiles, simply do the steam cleaning for nylon office carpet tiles as it will remove any stains and soil. Nylon carpet fibers has hydrogen molecules that gets reactivated during steam cleaning, causing the nylon fibers to “bounce-back” to its original shape, eliminating that foot worn look due to heavy traffic. For this reason, it is extremely important that nylon office carpet tiles is steam cleaned every 12 to 18 months at minimum (more often in very high traffic areas) to ensure longevity. Comparable to Nylon office carpet tile, Polypropylene (Olefin)office carpet tile is highly stain-resistant, hydrophobic meaning it does not absorb liquid or stains. But unfortunately, it is not very soil-resistant. Olefin, attracts oils. Having the weakness for oils, any oil-based spill or residue will not easily be cleaned from the Olefin office carpet’s fibers. Because of this, we do not recommend olefin office carpet tiles in areas susceptible to spills of oily substances, such as kitchens or dining rooms. As an added advantage, using carpet tiles for your space, you can replace any damaged tile, with a new tile. It makes carpet tiles distinct with the traditional wall to wall carpet or the broadloom roll carpet.

We believe that simplicity is beauty, and carpet tiles are simple that could make your life and your space even more beautiful like paradise.
Come and visit us, we can talk!