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Office Carpet Tiles Part One


Office carpet tiles, which is also called carpet squares, or modular carpet tiles, provide the comfort of carpet with added flexibility. Why? It is because office carpet tiles can be installed by yourself and does not put extra cost when moving to a new office or when refurbishing your office space.

One big advantage of office carpet tiles over the traditional full size or broadloom/ roll carpets is you do not need to replace the whole carpet of your interiors when one area gets damaged. It allows you to change only the tile, which is damaged and will replace the same with the other one.


Why office carpet tiles?

Office carpet tiles when used in an office is more versatile and longer lasting than broadloom or roll carpets.

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Which quality of office carpet tiles?
Nylon vs Polypropylene

If you are planning to refurbish your office with a carpet tile, you can choose between two qualities, one is Nylon office carpet tile and the other is the Polypropylene office carpet tile range.

The extremely durable material available nowadays for your office carpet tile needs is Nylon. When used in carpeting it offers a very strong fiber that can stand up to abrasion. Nylon fibers are highly resilient with very good texture retention. It has the ability to “bounce back” to its original shape thus maintaining the original appearance of the carpet. These qualities make nylon a great carpeting option anywhere for your business & corporate offices.

Depending on the number of footfall in your corporate office we do offer both qualities of office carpet tiles as per your business needs.

On the other hand, Polypropylene or Olefin, is a synthetic fiber used to make many different products, including carpet. In the carpet industry, the terms olefin and polypropylene, both mean the same thing and is typically used interchangeably. Olefin fiber is not as resilient as other fibers, meaning it does not have the same ability to “bounce back” after being compressed by foot traffic unlike the Nylon fiber. Polypropylene (Olefin) office carpet tile are great options for low traffic offices or where you are looking for temporary office carpet tile. See here few ranges of our Polypropylene (Olefin) office carpet tiles. Depending on the number of footfall in your corporate office we do offer both qualities of office carpet tiles as per your business needs.


Budget for office carpet tiles

The cost to produce olefin office carpet tiles is lower than the cost to produce many other fiber types, so overall, olefin office carpet tile will be considerably less expensive or we can say the budget office carpet tiles than what is made of nylon or even polyester office carpet tile. If you are looking for an office carpet tile that will perform well in heavy traffic conditions over the next 10 years, nylon is likely your best option. If budget is your biggest concern, then you will probably want to choose a polypropylene or olefin office carpet tile.

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Maintenance of office carpet tiles

Foot traffic can definitely leave stains and soil deposits throughout your carpeted surfaces. To name a few are stain of coffee, tea, other beverages, ink stain from printers, glue, other office liquid materials and soil residue from foot traffic.

To maintain your office carpet tiles, simply do the steam cleaning for nylon office carpet tiles as it will remove any stains and soil. Nylon carpet fibers has hydrogen molecules that gets reactivated during steam cleaning, causing the nylon fibers to “bounce-back” to its original shape, eliminating that foot worn look due to heavy traffic. For this reason, it is extremely important that nylon office carpet tiles is steam cleaned every 12 to 18 months at minimum (more often in very high traffic areas) to ensure longevity.

Comparable to Nylon office carpet tile, Polypropylene (Olefin)office carpet tile is highly stain-resistant, hydrophobic meaning it does not absorb liquid or stains. But unfortunately it is not very soil-resistant. Olefin is also oleophilic, meaning that it attracts oils. Having the weakness for oils, any oil-based spill or residue will not easily be cleaned from the Olefin office carpet’s fibers. Because of this, we do not recommend olefin office carpet tiles in areas susceptible to spills of oily substances, such as kitchens or dining rooms.


Designs (Aesthetics) of office carpet tiles

Many business owners choose carpet for many reasons-it's homey and absorbs both noise and heat. But since traditional full-size broadloom or roll carpet can stain, wear down, and the seams can show over time now comes the evolution of commercial or office carpet tiles which is the answer to your office carpet needs.

Our office carpet tiles come in a variety of colors, current trends favor neutrals in earthy hues, including warm grays and the ever-popular beige. We also have a variety of patterns, from straight lines, stripes, abstract and geometric patterns and textures so you're sure to find something to match your business décor. By having office carpet tiles it will lift up the environment of your office and will make it a better and peaceful place to work.

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