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Hand Tufted carpet

Have you seen that old carpet in your grandparent’s home, or in your ancestral home? Old thing but still looks new. This could have been the hand-tufted carpet that I am talking about.


Hand-tufted carpet is a durable material, long-lasting that can withstand in high traffic areas. Usually it will start to wear out only after 10-20 years depends on the usage. Nowadays, hand-tufted carpets are commonly used in high traffic areas like hallways, entrance and family rooms. It can also be used in medium traffic areas like dining, home office and or even in low traffic areas like bedroom and living room, hand-tufted carpet is a good choice.

Hand-tufted carpets is available in different colors, from light to dark colors, variety of designs like modern design hand-tufted carpets, classic design, Arabic design, Linear design, Animal print design, Persian inspired design, Flora design and even you can have it customized or a personalized design.


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