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Engineered Wood Flooring


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Engineered wood flooring

Known to be the most popular flooring used nowadays, is the engineered wooden flooring. These kind of flooring is made from 3 layers of wood, pressed and placed on top of each other. We call it “layering” in which it is manufactured in such a way to make the flooring more solid and stable.


Engineered wood flooring is 100% real wood, it’s top layer is also called the finishing layer usually made from Oak, Walnut or other hardwood. While the bottom layer are usually the softwood like birchwood.
Engineered wooden flooring can be used in a variety of areas. It can be a flooring solution for your living room, dining room, home office, bedroom or any other common areas that you want to experience realwood quality and nature elegance.

Installation of engineered wooden flooring is laid on top of a concrete subfloor, this is called “floating installation” meaning the engineered wooden flooring is not nailed or glued to the floor. We usually add a foam underlay in between to add stability and to minimize the sound.


Engineered wooden flooring is also eco-friendly and a recyclable material.


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