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Carpet Tiles Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take for my carpet tiles to arrive, once I place an order ?

It depends, our Carpet tiles which is available in stock in Dubai, next day our warehouse will do the delivery anywhere in UAE  and carpet tiles which is by order it will take 7 to 10 working days if carpet tiles stock is available in factory. If carpet tiles is not available in factory , it will be manufacture and the entire process till delivery will take approximately 8 to 10 working weeks.


What size are our carpet tiles?

The size of our carpet tiles are 50cm x 50cm ( 19.69 inches x 19.69 inches ) and 60cm x 60cm ( 24inches X 24 inches)


Do carpet tiles need to be stick down?

This really depends on how large the area is and how it going to use for. We will always recommend to our customer to use our carpet tiles adhesive or double side tape for all commercial and residential applications .


What kind of adhesive should I use for carpet tiles?

Never use adhesive which is not recommend for carpet tile , always use an adhesive which is specially designed for carpet tile. DO NOT USE any hard adhesive which will permanently fix carpet tiles to the floor and the whole point of installing carpet tiles is that you can lift, clean or replace in the future as and when required.


I am thinking of installing carpet tiles on top of old flooring, is this OK?

We will advice not to install directly on your existing flooring, use plywood sheet and screw it equally on all side or use foam underlay using tape on all the side so it will not move while installing carpet tile on top of it. These way your existing flooring will not get affected.


How many carpet tiles do I need to cover my floor?

These really depends on what kind of requirement you have for carpet tile, whether you want abstract design carpet tile, plain design carpet tile , stripe design carpet tile, linear pattern carpet tile  or may be mix and match of two to three design of carpet tile. So all these factors will determine the calculation for carpet tile with wastage. We have a designing team to help you for calculation as well as for selection for carpet tile as per your requirement .


How many carpet tiles in a box?

In one box there will be 20 pcs of carpet tiles of 50cm x 50cm ( 19.69 inches x 19.69 inches ) which is 5 sqm and for 60cm x 60cm ( 24inches X 24 inches) of carpet tile sometimes it is 14 pcs or 16pcs or 18 pcs in 1 box it differ from collection to collection of carpet tiles.


Are carpet tiles waterproof?

Our Carpet tiles are not water proof , if you need water proof flooring we have other range of flooring in our library , please reach out to us through Toll free : 800629 or email it to us at, our specialized expert team will be there to assist you.


How do you clean and maintain carpet tiles?

The basic practice to clean and maintain your carpet tile is to vaccum the carpet tiles daily, these process will make your carpet look new and it will make durable for a long time. If there is any mark of juice or any kind of liquid product  on carpet tiles requesting not to use any bleach product as this will for sure stain the carpet tile. Instead of using any harsh chemical products, use a damp cloth with little amount of washing up liquid to remove stubborn stain or use carpet cleaner


What is the thickness of a carpet tile and does it matter?

There are different thickness of carpet tile which is 10mm and most good ones are around 6-7mm thickness. The thickness of carpet tile does not differentiate the quality . Please reach out to us, our technical team will advice what to use and where and how long they'll last in that type of situation


Are carpet tiles suitable for pets?

Yes, carpet tiles are great for pets. If you have pets in your house it is recommended to use cut pile carpet tile  instead of using Loop piles carpet tiles. In any case if any tiles get spoil, that one or two single tiles can be lifted and cleaned. If you do not want to clean then make sure you have a few spare to replace and discard the dirty ones.


Can I place carpet tiles on top of vinyl/laminate flooring?

Yes you can use carpet tiles on top of vinyl and laminate flooring, make sure the surface is hard and install them with either double sided tape or carpet tile adhesive. But it is not advisable may be in the future you would like to get your old flooring back, it will not the same because the installed carpet tiles on top of vinyl or laminate floor will not come out easily and the glue mark will be there.


Can I lay carpet tiles on top of old carpet?

It is not advisable to install new carpet tile on existing carpet tile, though it is installed in a contract situation the new carpet tile will tend to curl up from the corners and which will create a trip hazard . Carpet tiles does not curl when laid properly , so it is advisable to use on concrete floor or plywood and make sure before installing the floor should be clean , dry and free from grease and dirt .


Will carpet tiles stop damp from coming through?

Yes they can, but still it depends what kind of damp it is, we recommend that you should always seek to our professional technical team advice in these types of situations before attempting to cover any damp issues covering over with a few carpet tiles.


Are carpet tiles any good for sound proofing?

Yes our carpet tiles on floor have excellent sound absorption and insulating properties. Our carpet tiles are fully tested by our manufacturers and have passed all the relevant safety checks for use on floors only.


Are carpet tiles easy to fit?

Honestly it is easy to install the carpet tile , before you start installing you just have to be careful and think about the job to avoid any kind of issue arise later. If you still find it difficult please reach out to us and get your carpet tiles installed by our professional technical team .


Can you fit carpet tiles on stairs?

You can use carpet tiles on stairs but it still depends on the selection of design and size to avoid wastage . For more technical question you can reach out to us and our specialized expert team will help you with your queries .