Hotels is where tourists and guests from all walks of life stay, relax and recharge either they are traveling for work or leisure. Thus, choosing a universal theme interior for hotels that can resonate and accommodate large audience is usually more complex as compare to other interior spaces. So, Nouqoush makes it easier for hoteliers to create a spaces that stand out and invite customers to choose your hotel to stay at through our different wallpaper patterns that instill joy and playfulness to the space. Our various mural wallpaper designs and patterns bring sense of intrigue that can keep guests eyes and mind occupied as they check-in. Choosing custom and luxurious wall mural in metallic gold colors for hotel lobbies and conference room bring energy, glamour and motivation for visiting and is a great way to make an inviting first impression. While for corridors and hotel rooms choosing neutral color minimalist wallpaper creates luxury experience for guests to feel calm and welcome in a space. Whether you’re trying to create a warm and welcoming, tranquil, or regal and striking environment always remember that the design and color of your wallpaper is the very first thing that the guest notice when they come in.

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