An interior designer shares her best tips

Brittany Steptoe-Wright is a Canadian interior designer based in Aurora and Collingwood, Ontario. She recently decorated her showroom with our wall mural Breathe. Choosing wallpaper can be difficult. Should you wallpaper all the walls or just one? How to think before redecorating a space? Do you have as many interior design questions as us? We were curious to know her thoughts and tips on interior design and, in particular – wallpaper.

Do you have tips for those who are hesitant to hang wallpaper at home?

– Wallpaper is a great way to add interest and personality to a space, and I absolutely embrace it (ceilings, walls, doors – you name it). My advice to those who are hesitant would be to hire a professional installer. There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money on beautiful wallpaper and then ruining it all trying to install it. It is definitely money well spent! That being said, Rebel Walls is by far the simplest, easiest install of the many I have tried. You make it so easy with your custom sizes and pre-cut patterns!

Why did you choose to use our wall mural “Breathe” in this project?

– BSW Design actively promotes sustainable interiors and eco-friendly finishes and felt this mural gave our studio an organic and natural element without being too obtrusive. We love the modern, graphic feel and the muted color palette – it’s just interesting enough to spark a conversation, but not to distract from the work at hand.

Do you prefer to wallpaper all four walls in a room, or just one?

– It really depends on the intention of the space. For a small powder room, I tend to lean towards wallpapering the whole thing (even the ceiling!), whereas, in other spaces where it is not the main focus, I may just do one wall as an accent.

How do you plan the redecoration of a room? Which is the first step?

– Always the intention. Who is using the space, and what are they using it for? What issues do they have with the current space? How can we make it inspiring and functional? Summarize it all down, and you will have a lot of useful insights that will help you start the project and to go in the right direction.

What is your three best interior advice?

  1. Invest in timeless pieces with a good story.
  2. Take the time to plan the space based on your needs and intention.
  3. You can never have too many custom textiles (drapery, pillows, upholstery).

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